Thursday, September 9, 2010

Techniks Bar & Grille at IMTS2010 & TweetUps!

TechniksUSA Bar & Grill
IMTS2010 Hours: 11am-5pm Daily

FREE BEER!  No Kidding! The "Techniks Bar & Grill" opens up at DAILY at 11AM, just in time for our DualDRIVE demonstration, and closes at 5PM. 

Stop by, relax, have a drink on us and find out about all of our new products to help you make more money!

TechniksUSA Booth W-1636 Daily "TweetUps"

9:30am 'Shrink Fit Machines' - Understanding Shrink Fit & how it works 

10:00am 'sPINner Deburring' - Sit & Spin: the easiest way to magnetically debur parts! 

10:30am 'Coolant Products' - CoolBLAST, CoolFLEX, Coolant Collets & Coolant Rings - Learn about various ways to seal your Rotary Toolholders

11:00am 'DualDRIVE Toolholders' - Improve Rigidity, Tool Life & Surface Finish with our Dual Contact Toolholders

2:00pm Pinzbohr boring and modular tooling systems - Modular Boring to improve shop efficiency.

3:00pm 'Collet Chuck's - Power Coat Nut, Inspection and Balance Reports, DNA collets are "dead nuts accurate"

3:30pm Workholding - 'MagVise': perform complex 5-sided machining on a manual magnetic vise