Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NEW Vario Visio DIGITAL adjustable aggregate head

Smart Line Vario
We've offered CNC Aggregate heads with adjustable angles for some time. Our Vario can operate at any angle within it's range to perform “impossible” cuts, …right on your CNC router. The Function Line Vario aggregate operates at any angle from 0˚ to 100˚. We've also had the The Ultra Line Vario aggregate that operates at any angle from -100˚ to 100˚ Each of these uses a Vernier scale on the side of the unit to adjust it.

The vernier scale is great but we thought that it was time to go Digital! Our new Vario Viso has a easy to adjust head and a DIGITAL Display which really makes it easy for Boring, Routing, and Sawing.

Here's some of the Tech Specs:
  • Speed max.                 15,000 R.P.M. (drive) 
  • Speed max.                 15,000 R.P.M. (tool spindle)
  • Gear ratio i                   1:1
  • Torque max.                 20 Nm
  • Temperature max.         85° C / 185° F
  • Angle adjustment          0 – 100°

Remember we can attach the Vario Visio head to HSK, CAT and BT flanges to suit your specific machine. Just like our other Vario units you can use a combination of connections including ER 25/saw blade or a 30 mm saw blade connection flange  and pitch circle of 45/52 mm with integrated Weldon connection diameter up to 10 mm.

The rotating direction of the head can be left or right, but remember, the spindle rotating direction opposite drive rotating direction 

  • Digital display of adjusted angle 
  • One single clamping screw
  • Conical pin for 0° reference adjustment
  • Aggregate can be rotated 360° around drive