Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Digital Tradeshows On-Demand

If you'd like to attend again, or weren't able to make the live broadcast, here are our Digital Tradeshows for this month summarized and with the link to view on-demand. Remember: you can always talk live with an expert by calling 800-597-3921 or emailing us at info@techniksusa.com.

Earth-Chain sPINner Small Parts Deburring Machine

Understand the advantages of sPINner technology over other deburring methods.

Eliminate time-consuming hand deburring and improve part quality.

Learn how you can batch deburr small parts using the sPINner micro-deburring system.

Techniks MicroFLOAT Tapping System

Understand the advantages / disadvantages of different tapping technologies.
Learn how the MicroFLOAT system works and the technological advances of this system.
Learn how to extend tap life and improve thread quality.

Nexus Cutting Tools – Machining High Temperature Alloys

Learn why the latest advances in PVD insert technology from Lamina provide the longest insert life and reduce tooling costs.
Understand the factors you need to consider when choosing inserts and how to simplify your tooling inventory.
Learn how to maximize efficiency whether you want to produce more parts-per-insert, or reduce cost per part.