Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The sPINner Deburrs Small, Precision Parts

The sPINner magnetic deburring units use magnets to to 'spin' tiny 304 stainless steel 'pins' to deburr and polish parts. The pins resemble small roller bearings and are slightly magnetic themselves. When using the sPINner with non magnetic parts there is obviously little concern for any residual magnetism to be imparted to the material being deburred.  However, we are often asked about what happens when we deburr magnetic components.  It's actually very very simple!

Demagnetizing after a cycle
After magnetic parts have been processed, it is important to demagnetize them so the media and other parts will no longer be attracted to them. One simple procedure is to remove the container from the sPINner while the magnetic field is in motion. At the end of a cycle, simply start the machine again waiting for the magnetic field to fully accelerate. Once this is done, simply pull the container from the machine. Please note, that due to the weight of the contents in the container and the magnetic attraction of the parts and media to the magnetic field in the machine, substantial force may be required to remove the container. Containers are easier to remove when the magnetic field is in motion. Also, if it is critical that the parts be fully demagnetized, Earth Chain USA recommends a separate de-gauss operation.
Removing Burrs From Media
After magnetic parts have been run in the sPINner some burrs may remain in the media. Separation of the media from the magnetic burrs is accomplished using a strainer. Place a wire strainer inside the separation container that ships with the machine. Pour in the rinsed and dried media. The strainer should be chosen so that it will not allow the media to pass through, but will allow the burrs to pass through. Place the lid of the separation container and start the machine. The magnetic field will pull the burrs through the strainer. The media in the strainer may need stirred or mixed to help remove all the burrs.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

sPINner stories: Deburring Small Slots

Here is an example of an application where the sPINner is being used to deburr small slots (.027”) in the part that were being hand deburred. The sPINner has automated this process. Where the customer was spending several hours deburring these parts, the sPINner runs the entire batch of the parts in 20 minutes.