Tuesday, June 19, 2012

sPINner Stories: Credit Card Scanner parts

A manufacturer of credit card scanner parts makes small, intricate stampings out of 304 stainless steel. The stamping process left burrs on the bottom of the part. Due to the thickness of the part, about .015”, traditional methods such as tumbling often damaged the part by bending them.

The customer employed 20 full time workers to hand deburr each part. The results were inconsistencies, missed areas and very slow cycle times. At the right is a picture of the part. As you can see, because of the delicateness of this component part, manual deburring would be extremely difficult for even the nimblest of fingers.

During our testing of these parts, the entire production run of these parts was place a container and run through the sPINner for 2 minutes. 

The sPINner does not damage even the most delicate parts, so no parts were lost due to bending. Also, the cycle time of 2 minutes for the entire lot was drastically less that the many days it took with manual methods. Lastly, all the parts were fully deburred as the sPINner does not miss areas. All areas of the part are affected equally. This customer has purchased two sPINners to meet a growing production demand.

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