Friday, August 3, 2012

CNC Aggregates used for Insertion & Glueing of Dowels In Light Weight Panels

For many applications, new, light weight panel technology is being used considered because it provides both high stability and light weight for ease of handling. However, the insertion and glueing of dowels can be a tedious and time consuming process.
We've solved this with automatic insertion and gluing of dowels or other fasteners with our ATEMAG CNC router Aggregate head.
The new ATEMAG system can be used for panel thicknesses of 18 mm through 50 mm, and for different dowel lengths. Fasteners are inserted evenly with the surface and glued in with accurately dispensed amounts of glue.
The insertion process is very accurate, and the panel surface is not damaged in any way. Most importantly, there are no visible pressure marks left on the surface.
The hole does not have to be dust free, because the dowel or fastener will not touch the bottom.
Generally, any CNC machine with c-axis and compressed air connection can be used with the new ATEMAG high performance aggregates. Contact TechniksUSA with questions or to get a quote on how we can retrofit your machine with one of our units. Here's a look at how the unit works.

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