Friday, February 22, 2013

Digital Tradeshows – A Successful Start

This week began a new era for us when our Techniks solutions experts presented three Digital Tradeshows (DTS). If your schedule did not permit you to attend, no worries. The beauty of online content allows you to attend these presentations at your convenience. Below is a recap with links to the video and audio for each DTS, and remember: you can always talk live with an expert by calling 800-597-3921 or emailing us at

Techniks Toolholders
Advanced Milling Methods 

New advances are raising the bar on milling performance by improving toolholder rigidity and holding power. Learn how Techniks technology can reduce scrap and improve tool life. View this presentation.

EEPM Magnetic Workholding

Magnetic workholding has helped hundreds of companies achieve new levels of efficiency by reducing setup and part-changeover time. Learn how to machine 5-sides with magnetic workholding. View this presentation.

Nexus Cutting Tools
Machining Stainless Steels

Groundbreaking advances in carbide insert PVD coating technologies set new levels of performance standards for machining stainless steels. Learn how these improvements will enhance your productivity and simplify insert selection. View this presentation.

To attend upcoming DTS's live, log in here.

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